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Lately there's been so much good news about GSU Creative Writing students, faculty, and alumni that we've been unable to post updates here as fast as we'd like!

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News Archive

Fall 2012


Josh Russell's novel A True History of the Captivation, Transport to Strange Lands, & Deliverance of Hannah Guttentag has been published by Dzanc Books.


Jessica Hand (PhD/Poetry) has published two poems in Issue 85 of Painted Bride Quarterly: "Codependent Love Song" and "Space Camp Moon-View."

Matt Sailor's (MFA/Fiction) story "The New Coke" appears in in the latest issue of the Rust Belt-themed online journal, The Cleveland Review.


James May (PhD/Poetry, 2012) is a finalist for the Ruth Lilly Fellowship from the Poetry Foundation.

Summer 2012


Sheri Joseph's novel Where You Can Find Me is due out April 2013 from Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press.


Marc Fitten's (MFA/Fiction) novel Elza's Kitchen is just out from Bloomsbury.

Matt Sailor's (MFA/Fiction) story "Cut the Crap" appears in the Summer 2012 number of A Bad Penny Review.


Man Martin (PhD/Fiction, 2007) has earned the 2011 Georgia Author of the Year Award in the Fiction category for his novel Paradise Dogs. Man won the 2008 GAYA for First Novel (Days of Endless Corvette.

Lydia Ship's (PhD/Fiction, 2008) story "Black Dog Nothing" won New Delta Review's 2012 Matt Clark Prize for Fiction.

Peter Fontaine (PhD/Fiction, 2012) has been awaded a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship from Georgia Tech.

Benjamin Solomon's (MFA/Fiction, 2012) story "Physiognomy of a Quilt" appears in the Summer 2012 number of A Bad Penny Review.

Chris Bundy's (PhD/Fiction, 2009) novel Baby, You're a Rich Man is due in early 2013 from C&R Press.

R.J. DeNardo (BA/English) has published his first novel, The Andromeda Incident.

Spring 2012

Congratulations Spring 2012 graduates Emily Schulten (PhD/Poetry), James May (PhD/Poetry), Calaya Reid (PhD/Fiction), Peter Fontaine (PhD/Fiction), and Benjamin Solomon (MFA/Fiction).


John Holman's story "Say What?" is included in Vol. XXXI, No. 3 of The Chattahoochee Review.

Josh Russell's essay "Sometimes the Shadow is More Beautiful" appears in Issue 56 of Bayou Magazine.


James May's (PhD/Poetry) poem "Dispute" appears in the current issue of Pleiades.

Pieces from Matt Sailor's (MFA/Fiction) book project 1985 appear in the most recent numbers of [PANK] and Hot Metal Bridge.

Benjamin Solomon's (MFA/Fiction) story "The Swallow" has won second place in the Creative Loafing Fiction Contest.

Jessica Hand's (PhD/Poetry) "Astrocytoma" is in the Winter 2011/12 issue of Barrow Street.

Candace Nadon's (PhD/Fiction) story "Animas" appears in the Winter 2011 issue of The Platte Valley Review.


Chapters by Karen Gentry (MFA/Fiction, 2010), Kristen Gottstein (MFA/Fiction 2008), and Liane LeMaster (MFA/Fiction 2008) appear in the creative writing pedagogy anthology Dispatches from the Classroom.

Fall 2011


Poets & Writers Magazine has ranked GSU's Creative Writing PhD program 15th in the US. (See the article here.)


Pretend You'll Do It Again, a chapbook of very short prose by Josh Russell, has been published by Greying Ghost Press.

David Bottoms has received a 2011 Governor's Award in the Humanities.


James May (PhD/Poetry) has two poems, "Natural Grief" and "The Reddened Flower, the Erotic Bird," in the current issue of New England Review.

Benjamin Solomon's (MFA/Fiction) story "Who Cycles Into Our Valley" appears as Issue #154 of One Story.

"12 Rounds," a story by Jacob Sullins (PhD/Fiction), appears in the Summer 2011 issue of the Georgia Review.

Kristin Robertson's (PhD/Poetry) poems "Lionfish" and "Nampa-Sha" appear in the current issue of Crab Orchard Review, her poem "Scar" is in the current issue of Bellevue Literary Review, and her poem "Nagoya" can be found in the current Cimarron Review.

K.B. Kincer (PhD/Poetry) has had her poems "Lobster Woman" and "On a First Paycheck" published in the Spring issue of Red Clay Review, put out by Kennesaw State University; her poem "Driving to Italy" won an international publication prize as a finalist in the Atlanta Review's International Poetry Competition and will be forthcoming in their prize issue this fall; and she was selected as Editor's Choice in the May issue of Touch: The Journal of Healing, which published four of her poems: "Waiting for the Transplant," "Next to the UAB Townhouse in front of Tracy's Café," "After the Transplant," and "The Concrete Angel." The Editor, O.P.W. Fredericks, discusses Kincer's poetry in an introduction to her work, available online.


Katie Chaple's (PhD/Poetry, 2005) collection of poems, Pretty Little Rooms, has been published by Press 53.

The Book of Freaks, by Jamie Iredell (PhD/Fiction, 2009), is out from Future Tense.

Man Martin's (PhD/Fiction, 2007) second novel, Paradise Dogs, has been published by Thomas Dunne Books.

Summer 2011


Josh Russell's My Bright Midnight has been awarded an Independent Publisher Book Awards bronze medal in the Literary Fiction category.

Leon Stokesbury's poem "Watching My Mother Take Her Last Breath" (first published in the Georgia Review, Fall 2010) has won a Pushcart Prize.


James May's (PhD/Poetry) poems "It Only Brings Me Sorrow," "Displacement," "Protestant Elegy," and "An Explanation of Romanticism" appear in the current issue of Green Mountains Review, and his poem "Esteesee" can be found in the current issue of Grist.


Wyatt Williams (BA/English, 2011) has work in the summer 2011 issue of The Literary Review, and recently had a piece about listening to the audio book version of Jonathan Franzen's Freedom on HTMLGiant. He is the Events Editor of Creative Loafing.

Jared Dawson's (BA/English, 2011) poetry appears in Thunderclap!

Spring 2011


Pretend You'll Do It Again, a chapbook of very short prose by Josh Russell, will be published in 2011 by Greying Ghost Press.


Jessica Hand's (MFA/Poetry) poem "Pain Jane" has won the 2011 Agnes Scott Writers' Festival Contest poetry prize.

Robin Kemp (PhD/Poetry) moderated (and presented) the panel "Post-Katrina Poetry: Five Years Later" at the 2011 AWP. Her presentation was "Don't Put Words in My Mouth: Post-Katrina Ventriloquism as Cottage Industry."

Jessica Hand's (MFA/Poetry) poem "The Beaten Dust Crowds the Light" has been published in issue 50 of the Cortland Review. (Her wife, flutist Jeana Melilli, wrote music specifically for this poem and performs it as Jessica reads.)

K.B. Kincer's (PhD/Poetry) poems appear in the Fall/Winter edition of Poet Lore and the online edition of Melusine.

Kristin Robertson's (PhD/Poetry) poem "White Birds" appears in the current issue of The Spoon River Poetry Review. Her poems "Decomposing a Song" and "Eucharist" have been selected as finalists for the 2011 Agnes Scott Writers' Festival Contest poetry prize.

Cheryl Stiles's (PhD/Poetry) poem "At Ramsey Creek" appears in the new issue of Pilgrimage (35.3). Another poem, "Running toward Water," was recently published in the "Flesh and Spirit" issue of Earth's Daughters (#77).

William Walsh's (PhD/Poetry) poem "Ode to the Andersonville Dead" appears in The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume III: Contemporary Appalachia. In March he will give a reading and conduct a poetry workshop for undergraduates at La Grange College and in April, he will be lecturing on Wise Blood at the O'Connor Conference in Milledgeville.

Benjamin Solomon's (MFA/Fiction) essay "A God Place" has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the editors of the Southeast Review.

Jessica Hand's (MFA/Poetry) poem "Pain Jane" has been selected as a finalist for the 2011 Agnes Scott Writers' Festival Contest poetry prize. Her poem, "Packaged Care," is in the Alumni Edition, Vol. II of The Oakland Review, and "Pain Jane" and "Janitor Jane" were published in a special preview edition of Reunion: The Dallas Review, distributed at AWP in Washinton D.C. (the full poems are forthcoming in the first issue of the journal).

Marc Fitten's (MFA/Fiction) novel Valeria's Last Stand (Bloomsbury, 2009) was shortlisted for the Boeke Prize in South Africa. A French translation, Le Dernier Amour de Valeria, is forthcomign this March. His second novel, Tulip, will appear in 2012.


"And All Our Woe," a story by Liam Connolly (BA/English, 2009), appears in The Writing Disorder.

Man Martin's (PhD/Fiction, 2007) second novel, Paradise Dogs, will appear in June 2011 from Thomas Dunne Books.

Liz Robbins's (Ph.D./Poetry, 2004) book manuscript, Play Button, has won the 2010 Cider Press Review Book Award, judged by Patricia Smith.

Lydia Ship (PhD/Fiction, 2008) has been named managing editor of The Chattahoochee Review. Her story "Rooftop Valkyrie" appears in the March online issue of PANK.

Jody Brooks's (MFA/Fiction, 2007) story "The Cuckoo Clock" appears in Hobart.

Scott Riley Irvine's (BA/English, 2010) story "Sold" appears in Dogzplot.

Robert Pfeiffer's (PhD/Poetry, 2010) collection Bend, Break has been published by Plain View Press. Robert is assistant professor of English at Clayton State University.

"Traveling Light," an essay by Sarah Winterfield (MFA/Fiction, 2009), appears in Vol. 13, No. 3 of Five Points.

Chris Bundy's (PhD/Fiction, 2009) story "50 Views of the Man Who Lives Across the Street, or Lime, Sand, and Water" appears in DIAGRAM 10.6.

"Stealing Strawberries," a story by Jody Brooks (MFA/Fiction, 2007), appears in DIAGRAM 10.6.

Fall 2010


"Diptych Triptych: Six Essays," by Josh Russell, appears in Copper Nickel 14.

Sheri Joseph's story "Imprints," which appeared in Prairie Schooner, is included in the list of "100 Distinguished Stories of 2009" in Best American Short Stories 2010.

Josh Russell's novel My Bright Midnight has been published by Louisiana State University Press. He recenlty discussed the book on Bob Edwards Weekend. Click here to listen to the interview.

John Holman's story "Vacation" appears as the Story of the Week at Rick Magazine.

Sheri Joseph is on leave for Fall 2010 and working on her third book. She will be a fellow for six weeks at the MacDowell Colony.


Poems by K.B. Kincer (PhD/Poetry) and Cheryl Stiles (PhD/Poetry) appearing in the 10th anniversary edition of The Healing Muse. Because they could not attend the publication release party in Syracuse, NY, they recorded and uploaded to YouTube videos of themselves reading their work. K.B. Kincer reads "Strategy". Cheryl Stiles reads "The Classroom".

Dionne Irving's (PhD/Fiction) story "Florida Lives" appears in the Fall 2010 issue of The Missouri Review (Vol. 33, No. 3).

Kevin Adler's (PhD/Fiction) story "Weeping" appears in Volume 2 of The Open Face Sandwich. His story "The Reunion" was recently published in The Chattahoochee Review (Vol. 29, Spring/Summer 2009).

James May's (PhD/Poetry) poems "The Crypt on the Rock" and "One Pearl" appear in issue 8 of New Ohio Review.

Bill Taft's (MFA/Fiction) story "Whipsmart and Speeding: The Life and Work of Miss M.L. Bernard (Index)" appears in Volume 2 of The Open Face Sandwich.

Benjamin Solomon's (MFA/Fiction) essay "A God Place" appears in in Volume 28, Number 2, 2010 of the Southeast Review.

Cheryl Stiles's (PhD/Poetry) poem "First Smoke in North Carolina," appears in the August issue of Red River Review.

Robin Kemp (PhD/Poetry) has published a prose piece, "My City Is Gone," and a poem from her "Bodies" sequence in A Howling in the Wires: An Anthology of Writing from Postdiluvian New Orleans. Another poem appears in the Able Muse Anthology.

K.B. Kincer (PhD/Poetry) has had three poems published in the spring issue of Dappled Things. Red River Review has published her poem "The Incredible Disappearing Billy Hackmack" in their August 2010 issue.

William Walsh (PhD/Poetry) recenlty published two literary cartoons in Shenandoah's recent Flannery O'Connor issue, and a review of Wise Blood on DVD in the Flannery O'Connor Review. His interview of David Bottoms ("A Baked Tortilla Scorched with the Face of Christ") appears in The Onion's Dark Core, and in July he introduced David Bottom's at the Decatur Library when Bottoms read from The Onion's Dark Core. In conjunction with Andalusia Foundation, Walsh has been granted permission to photograph for a coffee table book the entire Flannery O'Connor farm.


Lydia Ship (PhD, Fiction, 2008) has been named a finalist for the 2011 Calvino Prize. Ben Marcus was the judge.

"For the Love of Mary Hooks," a story by Christopher Bundy (PhD/Fiction, 2009), which first appeared in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine has been named one of the "Distinguished Mystery Stories of 2009" in the The Best American Mystery Stories 2010.

Lydia Ship (PhD/Fiction, 2008) is "Miss October" at American Short Fiction and gives an interview on the ASF blog.

Summer 2010


John Holman's profile of the South's best bird appears in the Oxford American's Best of the South 2010 (May '10, Issue 69). Recenlty his Luminous Mysteries was chosen as one of the Books All Georgians Should Read.


Amanda Gable (MFA/Fiction) is the winner of the Georgia Author of the Year Award for First Novel. Her book, The Confederate General Rides North was also recently named one of the Books All Georgians Should Read.

Dionne Irving (PhD/Fiction) has been awarded a scholarship to attend the Voices of Our Nation Summer Writing Workshops.

Jessica Hand's (MFA/Poetry) "Ode to my Pentecostal right arm" has been reprinted by the Oakland Review. The poem was first published in Limp Wrist Magazine, and nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


Karen Gentry's (MFA/Fiction, 2010) story "Treasure Island," which appeared originally in NÖO Jornal, has been selected for the Wigleaf Top 50 [Very] Short Fictions 2010.

Beth Slichenmyer (BA/English, 2007) has earned her MFA/Fiction from Queens University of Charlotte.

Spring 2010


Sheri Joseph has been awarded a 2010 National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship.

John Holman's story "Credentials" (which first appeared in Mississippi Review) has been reprinted in Fictionaut.

Josh Russell's story "Young Woman Standing Before a Window" has been published in Epoch (Vol. 58, Number 3).


Benjamin Solomon (MFA/Fiction) has won the 2010 Agnes Scott Writers' Festival Contest fiction prize. Another of his stories earned him second place in the 2010 Creative Loafing Fiction Contest.

Dionne Irving's (PhD/Fiction) story “Florida Lives” was a finalist for the Mid-American Review's 2009-2010 Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award.

James May's (PhD/Poetry) poem "Fringe Tree" appears in the March 11th issue of The New Republic.

Robin Kemp's (PhD/Poetry) poem "Newsbrat Hooky" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Robin also contributed a biography and critical essay to Mezzo Cammin's Women Formalist Poets Timeline Project, launched at the National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C.

Jessica Hand's (MFA/Poetry) poem "Jesus Mirror" is in Issue 12 of Redactions.

"Labor Day Weekend," a poem from Emily Elizabeth Schulten's collection Rest in Black Haw, appeared on Verse Daily.

Scott Riley Irvine's (BA/English) story "Letter From Tomorrow's Traffic Jam" appears in Issue Five of Kill Author.

Derek Nikitas' (PhD/Fiction) novel The Long Division has been named one of The Washington Post's Best Books of 2009.

Cheryl Stiles (PhD/Poetry) has published a work of creative nonfiction, "Systems Failure," in Southern Women's Review. This essay is part of a book length manuscript of essays entitled On Nelson Street.


This spring, stories by Lydia Ship (Williams) (PhD/Fiction, 2008) appear or are forthcoming in Hobart, Requited Journal, The 2nd Hand, Retort, The Battered Suitcase, Metazen, and Night Train. She’ll read in Nashville on March 12th as part of the Brick Reading Series. You can find links to some of her new stories here.

Ten poems by Austin Segrest (MFA/Poetry, 2009) appear in the Press 53 Spotlight Anthology.

Fall 2009


David Bottoms’ new book of poems, Working the Heavy Bag, is scheduled to appear next year from Copper Canyon Press. Articulating the Spirit: A Little Book of Poetry Talk, a small book of essays and interviews, will be published next spring by Press 53. His essay “The Poetry of Bridges: Growing Up Small-town, Gazing toward Atlanta” will be published next year in American Cities, published by the U.S. Department of State (the essay was commissioned by Department of State). He has published poems recently in Poetry, The Southern Review, The Gettysburg Review, Agni Review, and New South. His poem “Scholar and Red-Shouldered Hawk” was recently delivered at the investiture ceremony of President Mark Becker, GSU (the poem was commissioned by the President’s Office), and Bottoms’ poem “My Father’s Left Hand” was reprinted in American Life in Poetry, edited by Ted Kooser. His poems “My Father Adjusts His Hearing Aids,” “A Chat with My Father,” and “Montana Wedding Day” were featured online recently in Poetry Daily, and his poem “Holidays and Sundays” was featured online recently in Verse Daily. His poem “An Owl” was recently reprinted in the anthology The Poet’s Guide to Birds, edited by Ted Kooser and Judith Kitchen, from Anghinga Press; “An Owl” was also recently reprinted in the anthology Bright Wings, edited by Billy Collins, from Columbia University Press. His poems “A Daughter’s Fever” and “In a U-Haul North of Damascus” were recently reprinted in the anthology After Shocks, edited by Tom Lombardo, from Sante Lucia Books, and his poem “Sign for My Father Who Stressed the Bunt” is reprinted with study questions in Kaplan’s AP English Literature and Composition 2008. Pocket Charms Against Oblivion: Essays on the Work of David Bottoms, edited by William Walsh, is scheduled to appear next fall from McFarland. The book includes essays by Dave Smith, Laurence Lieberman, Fred Chappell, Ernest Suarez, David Baker, and others, as well as three interviews with Bottoms.

Josh Russell's novel My Bright Midnight is forthcoming in 2010 from Louisiana State University Press as part of their Yellow Shoe Fiction series.

John Holman's story "Wave" has been anthologized in Bearing the Mystery: Twenty Years of Image.

Josh Russell's story "The Great War" is part of the Indiana University Press anthology Not Normal, Illinois: Peculiar Fictions from the Flyover.


Cheryl Stiles' (PhD/Poetry) poem, "No Anointing," which appeared in Southern Women's Review, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Calaya Reid's (PhD/Fiction) third novel Something She Can Feel was published in July 2009 with Kensington Books under the pseudonym Grace Octavia. Her fourth novel in the Octavia series, Playing Hard to Get, will be published in July 2010. An article about her experience of writing character dialogue in her first commercial novel Take Her Man was recently published in African American Women’s Language: Discourse, Education, and Identity, edited by Sonja Lanehart (Cambridge, 2009). Reid's article is titled "Struggles Dealing With African American Women's Language and Character Dialogue in Take Her Man."

Emily Schulten's (PhD/Poetry) collection Rest in Black Haw has been published by New Plains Press.

The Long Division, the second novel by Derek Nikitas (PhD/Fiction), has been published by St. Martin's and has received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal. (Visit http://www.dereknikitas.com/ for more information.)

Dionne Irving (PhD/Ficton) was a finalist for the Crab Orchard Review Jack Dyer Fiction Prize. Her story, "Canals," will appear in the Review's Winter/Spring 2010 issue.

Karen Gentry's (MFA/Fiction) story "Denial in Miniature" is the winner of PANK's 1,001 Awesome Words Contest and will appear in PANK 4. A second story, "It's Been Real," was a finalist for the contest, and appears in the online issue.

Jessica Hand (MFA/Poetry) was a finalist for the River Styx 2009 International Poetry Contest.

Amanda Gable's (MFA/Fiction) novel, The Confederate General Rides North, has been published by Scribner, and has been reviewed in the New York Times and Creative Loafing.

"Shah Mata," a story by Liam Connolly (BA/English), appears in Sacramento Poetry, Art and Music (SPAM).

“Watching an Old Springsteen Concert on T.V.," a poem by Sara Hughes (PhD/Poetry), has been anthologized in Love Poems and Other Messages for Bruce Springsteen (Pudding House, 2009).

Fiction and poetry by Christine Swint (MFA/Poetry) appears in Scapegoat Review and riverbabble.

Kevin Adler's (PhD/Fiction) story "The Simpler Times" has been published in The Brooklyn Review, Issue 26.

Karen Gentry's (MFA/Fiction) story "Treasure Island" appears in Issue 10 of NOÖ.


Chris Bundy (PhD/Fiction, 2009) has recently published stories in Expecting Goodness and Other Stories (Hub City 2009), an anthology edited by The Atlantic's C. Michael Curtis, and Storyglossia (Issue 36, October 2009), and a collaborative short story in Opium Magazine (Issue 9: The Mania Issue, November 2009). Chris is now teaching at SCAD-Atlanta.

Prose. Poems. A Novel., by Jamie Iredell (PhD/Fiction, 2009), is fortcoming from Orange Alert Press in October 2009.

"Barrel Roll," a poem by Austin Segrest (MFA/Poetry, 2009), appears in the Yale Review (Vol. 97, No. 3).

Summer 2009


Josh Russell's novel A True History of the Captivation, Transport to Strange Lands, & Deliverance of Hannah Guttentag is forthcoming from Dzanc Books.


This Pagan Heaven, a chapbook by Robin Kemp (PhD/Poetry), has been published by Pecan Grove Press.

"The Gifts," a story by Dionne Irving (PhD/Fiction), has earned a 2009 Gulf Coast Fiction Prize Honorable Mention.

Cheryl Stiles’s (PhD/Poetry) “No Anointing,” winner of the 2009 Agnes Scott College Writers' Festival Competition Prize in Poetry, is the lead poem in the premier issue of Southern Women’s Review. SWR was inspired by the biennial Southern Women Writers Conference at Berry College.

Spring 2009


John Holman has published a short story in The Oxford American's special issue "Race: The Past, Present, and Future.”


Valeria’s Last Stand, a novel by Marc Fitten (PhD/Fiction), has been released by Bloomsbury in the US, and in German translation by DTV. UK, French, Italian, Spanish, and Hebrew editions are forthcoming.

Dionne Irving (PhD/Fiction) is the Winner of the 2009 Hurston/Wright Award for College Writers.

Austin Segrest (MFA/Poetry) is featured as the Discovered Voices Prize winner in the Spring 2009 issue of Iron Horse Literary Review for his poems "Anger," "Delirium Tremens," and "After Pizarro." Another poem—"Jitterbug, 1953"—is in Issue #79 of River Styx.

Chris Bundy (PhD/Fiction) will be a Fellow at the Hambidge Center this summer. His story "For the Love of Mary Hooks" appears in the May 2009 issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and two more stories are included in the Main Street Rag anthologies XX Eccentricities and Dots on a Map.

Dionne Irving (PhD/Fiction) has published a story, "Poetry," in Carve Magazine. She received an honorable mention in the 2009 University of New Orleans Study Abroad Programs in Arts and Writing Writing Contest.

Peter Fontaine (PhD/Fiction) has published a review of the story collection If the Heart is Lean in The Montserrat Review.

This Pagan Heaven, a chapbook by Robin Kemp (PhD/Poetry), is forthcoming in May from Pecan Grove Press. Her poem "New Breast" was recently read at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C.

Karen Gentry (MFA/Fiction) has won the 2009 University of New Orleans Study Abroad Programs in Arts and Writing Writing Contest.

James May (PhD/Poetry) has won the 2009 Agnes Scott College Writers' Festival Competition Prize in Nonfiction.

Karen Gentry (MFA/Fiction) has won the 2009 Agnes Scott College Writers' Festival Competition Prize in Fiction.

Cheryl Stiles (PhD/Poetry) has won the 2009 Agnes Scott College Writers' Festival Competition Prize in Poetry.

Karen Gentry (MFA/Fiction) has won the American Short Fiction Short Story Contest. Her story was selected by Sam Lipsyte, and will appear in May 2009 in American Short Fiction.

Cheryl Stiles' (PhD/Poetry) poem "Watercress Sings" appears in the new issue of GARGOYLE (#54).

James Iredell (PhD/Fiction) has published a fiction chapbook, Atlanta, with Paper Hero Press as part of their Achilles Chapbook Series. He has two more chapbooks forthcoming: When I Moved to Nevada (The Greying Ghost Press) and Before I Moved to Nevada (Publishing Genius Press).

The film option for Derek Nikitas' (PhD/Fiction) novel Pyres has been acquired by the independent production company Vox3. Derek's new novel, The Long Division is forthcoming from St. Martin's in November.

Hally Joseph (BA/English), Dionne Irving (PhD/Fiction), Liane LeMaster (MFA/Fiction), Karen Gentry (MFA/Fiction), Candace Nadon (PhD/Fiction), Kevin Adler (PhD/Fiction), James May (PhD/Poetry), Austin Segrest (MFA/Poetry), Sara Hughes (PhD/Poetry), and Cheryl Stiles (PhD/Poetry) are all finalists for the 2009 Agnes Scott College Writers' Festival Competition Prizes in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry.


This spring, Lydia Williams's (PhD/Fiction, 2008) fiction has appeared in The Pedestal, Neon, and The Apple Valley Review. Her story in A Cappella Zoo, "Oven of Dreams," was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Michael Ogletree's (BA/Poetry, 2008) chapbook, This Is Not a Venn Diagram, has been published by Taiga Press as the initial volume in their Tundra Chapbook Series. His poems have also appeared in American Poetry Journal, BlazeVOX, Fourteen Hills, Poetry Midwest, and various other places. He is the poetry editor for SUB-LIT.

Laura Norton Raines (MFA/Fiction, 2006) has won the 2009 Creative Loafing Fiction Contest. Her story, "Medicine" appears in the 7 January issue of Creative Loafing.

Fall 2008


David Bottoms has been elected into the "Georgia Writers Hall of Fame." The University of Georgia Libraries founded the Hall of Fame in 2000 to recognize Georgia's most influential writers, past and present. The Hall of Fame currently includes thirty-one writers, among them: Flannery O'Connor, Carson McCullers, James Dickey, Pat Conroy, Alice Walker, Conrad Aiken, Erskine Caldwell, Sidney Lanier, Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, Margaret Mitchell, Martin Luther King, Lillian Smith, Jimmy Carter, and Joel Chandler Harris. The new inductees will be celebrated in ceremonies and a literary panel at the University of Georgia on March 23 and 24, 2009. All inductees are celebrated on the Hall of Fame's website.

Josh Russell's novel manuscript My Bright Midnight is a finalist for the 2008 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Prize awarded by the Pirate's Alley Faulkner Society.


Stories by Chris Bundy (PhD/Fiction) appear in the most recent issues of Thuglit and Smokelong Quarterly and the anthology Stars Fell. In October he won the Atlanta Magazine Short Fiction Contest, and his story "You Can Have it All" will appear in the December issue.

Derek Nikitas (PhD/Fiction) has published short-short stories in the most recent issues of Thuglit, New South, Pulp Pusher, and Plots With Guns. (These stories by Derek bring the total number of published stories to come from Josh Russell's Summer 2007 short-short workshop to ten, including the winner of the 2008 World's Best Short Short Story Contest.)

K.B. Kincer's (MFA/Poetry) "The Other Mothers" appears in the most recent issue of The Healing Muse: A Journal of Literary and Visual Arts published by SUNY Upstate Medical University.

Judith Carson (PhD/Poetry) has published the poem "Graymalkin" in the Fall 2008 edition of The LBJ: Avian Life, Literary Arts.

Amanda Gable's (MFA/Fiction) first novel, The Confederate General Rides North, will be published in the summer of 2009 by Scribner.

"The Lucky One," a story by Karen Gentry (MFA/Fiction), appears in New Orleans Reivew, Volume 34, Number 1.

Jessica Hand (MFA/Poetry) is the winner of the 2008 Agnes Scott College Writers' Festival Competition Prize in Poetry and a finalist in the River Styx 2008 International Poetry Contest (judged by Kim Addonizio). She has recently published poems in The Minnesota Review ("Blind Gods, Human Braille"), ToasterMag ("Womb in Three Parts" and "Artic"), Limp Wrist ("Ode to My Pentecostal Right Arm"), and in the anthology Java Monkey Speaks 2 ("Armies of Compassion").

Liane LeMaster's (MFA/Fiction) story "Fever" was published in Volume 1, Issue 4 of Sub-Lit.


Garrison Keillor has selected one of Liz Robbins' (PhD/Poetry, 2004) poems, "Studio," (from her book Hope, As the World is a Scorpion Fish) to read for The Writer's Almanac on December 2nd.

Laura Norton Raines (MFA/Fiction, 2006) has published "Slow Freeze," a creative nonfiction piece, in Post Road (Issue No. 14)

Work by Corey Green (MFA/Poetry, 2008) appears in the most recent Spoon River Poetry Review, and in the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of Poet Lore.

GSU creative writing students, faculty, and alumni: please send news of prizes, publications, and other accomplishments to Josh Russell (josh@gsu.edu) so that news can be added to this page.